Hi!! Welcome to the Circus!

First Blog Post!!! I am so glad that you have stopped by to check it out.  I first thought about starting a blog years ago to talk about inexpensive mom fashion and I guess what they say is true; you only regret the things in life that you don’t do.  I love reading some of my favorite blogs and looking at their lives through Instagram.  Most are fashion or home interior and all of them are moms in different stages of life.  They really have inspired me to start my own little creative place on the internet. I am excited to use this as a creative outlet.  I love fashion, decorating, painting, crafts, and anything creative. I also think that being a wife, mom, holding down a job, keeping up with the house, etc, etc, is hard some days, ok, most days. I wanted to create a place to share some funny stories, share some things that I think are cool or projects that I am working on (because I LOVE a project) and help support other women out there that are wearing many hats. Warning!! I am NOT a writer. Stay with me and hopefully, I will get better along the way.



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