Mellow Yellow


Top and Jeans: J.Crew Factory, Shoes: Converse, Bracelets: My Stella & Dot, Bag: Retired Stella & Dot.


They say yellow evokes feelings of happiness, optimism and energy. Well, that must explain all the yellow I’ve been buying lately. I’ve never been a huge yellow fan but it seems to be having a moment right now and apparently, I have jumped on that fashion train. And yes, it does make me happy. I mean, it’s the color of  sunshine! I was in a great mood all day and I’m sure it had nothing to do with the my extra long weekend or getting my hair done. It had to be the yellow! I think the key to wearing yellow is to find a shade that works for you. I can’t do light or muted yellow. With my blonde hair and fair skin it washes me out. I look best in bright, saturated colors. Oh, and I would never try and pull this color off in winter. A slight tan is a definite! What do y’all think? Are you willing to give yellow a try?


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