My July Finds- On Sale!

Tomorrow starts early access to the BIG Nordstrom sale and everyone is losing their minds in the fashion blog world.  I have to admit, I’m pretty excited to see what all is on sale, but I don’t have anything on my wishlist that I just have to have. There is another sale going on today at my favorite store- J.Crew and J.Crew Factory!! I have been a J.Crew fan since before internet (showing  my age, much). In high school, I had to wait for the catalog to come in the mail, dog ear my “wishlist” items, save my money, and then call the company to order. Crazy, right? Heck, I even worked at J.Crew Factory for a while when Jus and I were first married. The monotony of folding and folding and folding was all worth it when a new shipment came in and I got to try on everything before it ever hit the store floor. Oh, and did I mention the discount? I basically worked for clothes, but it was so much fun!

I try to stick to a monthly clothing budget and yes, I realize to some people, that sounds crazy. You buy clothes every month?!? Yes, I do! I love clothes, what can I say? And this month, almost all of my budget was blown at J.Crew Factory. There was just too much cuteness. I wanted to share all my finds with you because I checked today and every one of them is on clearance with an extra 50% off! So here are the things I couldn’t live without this month.

This Mixed Stripe Teddie Sweater was just too cute to not grab! It’s light weight and perfect to wear with some shorts on a summer night and its going to look great with jeans come this fall. And it looked amazing with this vintage VW Bug that I keep asking my hubby for, but so far he keeps saying “no”.


I styled it with my white denim shorts from J.Crew (shocker, I know!) and my converse. Jewelry is Stella & Dot from my site
I showed you guys this cutie last week and it is such a little nugget of sunshine! And its now $23!!
Last week, I styled it with jeans and my converse. Jewelry is Stella & Dot and the bag is a retired piece from Stella & Dot, but one of my all time favorites!!
This light weight tank has navy and white stripes and is $15!!! It’s so comfy and perfect for summer.
Here I styled it with my favorite pair of wide leg jeans, the Rebel Pendant and Taj clutch from Stella & Dot (both found on my site). Just add some wedges for laid back, yet put together perfection!
This cutie I purchased last year from J.Crew, but I wanted to share it with you because there is a similar dress and skirt on clearance right now at J.Crew Factory. Since the dress is so colorful, I try to keep the styling easy with a simple flat or casual wedge and small jewelry.
Similar dress at J. Crew Factory- $35
Similar skirt at J.Crew Factory- $23

Happy Shopping!!!



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