Life with Boys

Life With Boys….



If you live with numerous members of the male species then you know it has its challenges. I currently live with four, five if you count the dog, and to say I’m outnumbered is an understatement. Don’t get me wrong, I grew up with a brother and an older male cousin that is like a brother. I’m more comfortable with baseball and tree climbing than dance and Barbie dolls, but I do like things pretty and clean. And I’m here to tell you, pretty and clean does not happen with this many fellas in a household.

For example, every so often I have to gather up my little monkeys and set out to clean up the yard. Everyone gets a trash bag to pick up trash and toys/random stuff are put into place. This morning was one such morning and the following is a list of items found in our yard. Disclaimers: 1.We have a very large yard. 2.Just like the house, they can destroy it in a matter of minutes. 3. Please don’t think less of me.

This mornings finding:

Gatorade bottle, Nerf guns, Nerf bullets, McDonald’s cup, broken hammer, screw driver, candy wrappers, Nerf bullets, golf clubs, golf balls, matchbox cars, scrap pieces of wood, several John Deere toys, Nerf bullets, sippy cup, an old box of screws, random parts to toys that no one can identify, bicycle pump for tires, a rake (OK, that one was me) and more Nerf bullets.

Thank goodness we live in the country!!

Happy Weekend!





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