Closet Makeover for Less then $100

Closet Makeover for less than $100


The house we live in is the same house I grew up in. To be honest, I didn’t know how I would feel about that when it started happening four years ago, but it did not take long for me to sort through those feelings. I LOVE IT! Seriously, it’s home and it will always be home. I feel safe here. I was very pregnant when we moved in and so we put some fresh paint on the walls and moved our things, but now it’s time to really start making it our own and making it functional for a family with three growing boys. I started months ago with the coat closet by the front door. Growing up, its was my daddy’s closet, where he kept his golf clubs, hats, and other sporting equipment. When we moved in, we piled some junk in there and then more junk until it became one of those places in your home that you never look at because it frustrates you and so you just pretend it’s not there. I started to take a before picture, but I was too embarrassed to show anyone. Just picture it packed from bottom to top with junk. Meanwhile, I was sick of the boys coming home and tossing shoes, book bags, hats, and jackets anywhere they wanted.

I started by cleaning out the junk, which took a while. Then I went to the local hardware store and picked out a light grey paint. I used Cinder Block by Valspar. The wallpaper was some leftover from my sister-in-laws dining room that she gave me. I’d been hoarding it for months just waiting on the perfect project that needed it. It came from Lowes and if it’s not still in stores, they do have similar online. Next was a trip to Target where I grabbed the cubbie shelves and the wall hooks.

Wall Hooks- Target $23, Storage Cubbies- Target $30, Cubbies- Target $10, Wallpaper- Lowes $30-$60/roll

Painting wasnt a problem. I love painting! It gives everything a fresh start. But the wallpaper was a first. I watched a video on youtube and tried my best. I was pretty happy with my first time results, but it’s not something I want to take on again anytime soon. I added the finishing touch of a basket at the top for hats and gloves, shoes go in the bottom cubbies and jackets and book bags are hung up. It’s working out great! The boys know where to put their things when they come in and once I took the door off, it became the cutest little spot in the house!



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