The Shiplap Trend


I love elements from many different types of home design styles and I’ve been known in the past to completely changed directions in the middle of decorating a room. I think I want farmhouse and then I’ll see a colorful geometric pillow in the store and I think, “maybe I want a colorful and fun house”. But there are two things that I have loved for a very long time that never changes, old homes and clean white decor. Old houses have always fascinated me. The architecture and character is something you just don’t find in modern homes. My dream, since I was very young has always been to remodel an old house.  I also love when a house looks light and bright. It calms me for some reason and helps me feel happy and organized. When Joanna Gaines blew up on HGTV, she really spoke to me with her love of shiplap. I could not get enough (still can’t) and immediately started begging my husband for shiplap, somewhere, anywhere in our home!

Shiplap is a great way to brighten up a room and give it texture. When you want a white home, texture is the key to it not looking sterile.  Since our home was built in 1980, it lacks any characteristics or architectural details of an old home. I thought shiplap would be a great and very inexpensive way to give it both, so we started in the living room.


This was the wall we started with. Nothing wrong   with it, but it was boring. Every time I watched tv, all I saw was a big boring wall, not to mention all the toys my kids would put on the shelves underneath it instead of taking them the five feet down the hall to their rooms. Seriously, look at that mess! And at some point we didn’t even try to find a cute basket to put it all in, we just used a diaper box! That’s when I couldn’t take it anymore. I drew the line at the diaper box!


So, my awesome husband went to Home Depot and bought regular plywood at about $13 a sheet. I think he bought three, even though it didn’t take that much. He cut the plywood into 6 inch strips. He purposely did not keep the lines perfectly straight, which I really like because it makes it a little more rustic looking, like it’s been there for 100’s of years. He also staggered the boards on the wall after he found the studs with the first board. If you want a more polished look, you can keep the boards straight. After he was finished, he put the molding back up and attached this old mantle that we were lucky to already have. I painted it in Sherwin Williams Oxford White. I still haven’t completely decided about the old chest in front, but it works for now to hold the satellite box and hide the outlet.


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the result and I can’t wait to do a few other walls in the house that need a little something extra. Did I mention that this is not a difficult project? (I say that after watching my husband do all the work) But I did read this article on Pinterest several times and it is a great step by step “How To”.


I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of looking at it! And now when I watch tv, I can look at my beautiful walls during commercial break. 😉What do you guys think? Are you on board with the shiplap trend or are you over it already?



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