Dear Chip and Joanna,

Dear Chip and Joanna…

As most of you have heard, season five will be the last for Fixer Upper and I could not be more sad about this news. I knew it would end eventually. I mean, how many houses can there possibly be in Waco, Texas? They have had to have single handily raised property values for everyone that lives in and around Waco. So, congratulations to all you property owners!


When this show came on HGTV, I fell hard!  One of my favorites is still an early episode where the couple purchased  a very large, dilapidated old house for $10,000. It was run down and had trash in every room. It had to take days just to get the trash out, but by the end, it was gorgeous! I have always had a passion for old homes and buildings. In a world of cookie cutter homes being thrown up daily in neighborhoods across America, I wish more people would have “the guts to take on a fixer upper.”


I developed a serious girl crush on Joanna. She is so amazing and I want to be her friend. She lives my dream life. She has creativity flowing daily, wears cute jeans and t-shirts, lives the farm life in an old house with tons of kids and animals and gets to flip houses with her husband. Now I know to some of you that absolutely does NOT sound like a dream, but to me it sounds like heaven. I love the way she effortlessly blends farmhouse style with everything from traditional to industrial to modern. Her ideas and eye for design are incredible and she makes it look so easy!


But do you know the real reason I’m going to miss Fixer Upper? In a world of trash tv the Gaines’ were a breath of fresh air! In a world where there is NOTHING I can sit down and watch with my children, I can always count on this show. The boys actually like it. They love seeing the Gaines children, they love the animals on the farm and they love the construction. (We all think Chip is pretty funny.) You see, Chip and Joanna did what most on tv don’t, they won over millions of viewers every week without one single bad word or sex joke. They won over millions of people with a wholesome show and Christian values! And it’s so refreshing!! I love seeing a couple on tv that are raising  their children similar to how I’m raising mine. I love seeing a couple on tv that shows their kids what hard work can accomplish. I love seeing a married couple on tv that love each other, respect each other and have fun together the way two best friends are supposed to. I love that they showed people that you can be a married Christian couple and have fun! Don’t we deserve more of this in today’s world? Don’t we want to be able to watch tv with or without our children without having to worry about the language, the sex and the loose morals? I know I certainly do and for that reason the most, I will miss this show greatly. So….

Dear Chip and Joanna,

Thank you for being you. Thank you for your tv show and all the inspiration it has given me and millions of others. Thank you for being a little bit of light in all the darkness. I wish the best for you and your family but I will miss you terribly after this season.



A Really Big Fan

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