Fall Where Are You?

Seriously? The heat this week, gah! It feels like July and makes me wish I were at the pool. They only problem with that is I already started work on my winter body and I’ve been making pretty good progress on that. I would hate to have to go on a diet and undo all my hard work. So, for the sake of my winter body, let’s pretend it feels like fall and look at how a simple black vest can change any outfit.

As you may know, J. Crew is my favorite and I recently purchased a new black vest at J. Crew Factory for half off! I can’t begin to express to you how much I love a vest. I have never been comfy in a jacket or coat,  so it’s probably a good thing I don’t live up north. I just don’t like the bulk and it makes me feel like I can’t move. But a vest, now that’s a different story! With a vest, I get warmth without the bulk. A vest can also give you a lot more outfit options.  I put together a few cute fall outfits and then styled them again with my new vest. This one item of clothing just gave me three new outfit options.


This grey sweater is from Old Navy and less than $20! It is really light weight and is more of a thick tee.
White Peplum top from Nordstrom and come is a ton of colors. $39
The vest gives the outfit a whole new look. Flats are Old Navy and less than $20!
Dress is Old Navy and less than $20 and amazingly comfy. 
All jewelry can be found on my Stella & Dot website http://www.stelladot.com/lindsayjcollar

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