Skin Care- A Lifetime Battle

Sadly, the weekend is coming to an end and wow, did it go by quickly! Hope y’all had a great one. We had a visit from family along with a little church time this morning. Looking forward to a busy week ahead.


Let’s talk skin care. I’ve been battling my skin for the better part of 3 decades now. My skin started misbehaving in 5th grade!! (I was an early bloomer.) In 5th grade my hair turned from blonde to very strawberry blonde, which I immediately hated, and my skin started breaking out. In my 5th grade picture I have an enormous spot on my chin from a pimple that I wouldn’t leave alone. I endured high school with a face full of break outs and caked on Cover Girl. Times were tough in the 90’s. We didn’t have Proactive. We had Stridex pads that I’m pretty sure were just straight alcohol. We also had the orange Neutrogena soap that made my sinuses go crazy. I would wash my face and then sneeze for half on hour. So, on top of the pimples, I would then have red, swollen eyes and a red nose. Add that to my reddish hair and pale skin and things could get really rough looking. Do you feel sorry for me yet? Ha! You could also forget going to the dermatologist back then. They only gave you prescription strength retinol cream that burned the zits right off your face and gave you red flakey skin. Teenagers today have no idea how good they have it.

Things got better in my twenties and even better in my early thirties. Pregnancy did wonders for my skin! I thought things were on the up and up until about a year ago. The break outs started again. I couldn’t believe it! Who has pimples at 38?!?! So, I decided to get more serious with my skin care. Between the wrinkles and pimples, I couldn’t rely on the same drug store products I had been using since my twenties. I set out sampling different products to see if I could find something to help. I have a few favorites that I have discovered. I love Mario Badescu products. I recently purchased a few new ones to try out. Since using these, my breakouts have gotten better.


The first product I tried is the Oil Free Moisturizer and I am now a huge fan. I use it in the mornings and it moisturizers without the oily feeling I can get by lunch with other products. It also contains SPF which is a daily must.

I also like the Seaweed Cleansing Lotion. I use this at night after I’ve washed my face and it makes my skin feel extra clean and soft.

But, what might be my favorite product is the Drying Lotion. I mean, where has this been my whole life. Apparently, it’s been around, I just didn’t know about it. So, I’m passing the info on to you in case you didn’t know. If you suffer from the occasional pimple, this stuff is amazing!! It dries blemishes up in no time. You simply dip a q-tip in the pink stuff and dot it on your pimple. By morning, you will notice a definite reduction in the size.

There you have it! Those are my top three at the moment, but I am always on the lookout for great products. I’d love to hear what you all use and what works for you.

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