Not so Fun Weekend and a Wish List

This weekend has been a tough one at our house. Three out of five of us have a nasty virus, one of us is fighting off a sinus infection that I’m pretty sure is winning and the last is running around declaring how invisible he is to getting sick (he is destined to go down soon with that kind of attitude). We also woke up yesterday to no water, which is a serious problem when you live in the country and have well water. It was the pump, you know the part that is at the very bottom of the well. Yep, that was fun to get fixed but after many hours, we had water again.

Since Ive had a lot of down time, I’ve been reading and doing one of my favorite ways to kill time…online shopping!! I’ve put together a few things that I would love to see in my closet.

Yellow and Tree PomPom Slide Mules, Amazon- $19.00!                                           Sam Edelman Penelope Quilted Book bag, Nordstrom Rack- $90

Pom Pom shoes are a trend this fall and I like them, because they’re fun. I fell in love with a pair of pink heels with pom poms about a month ago, but couldn’t justify the money on pink shoes. Like any trend, I wouldn’t spend a lot of money on it. Odds are it won’t be “in” next fall and then you’re stuck with them. I found these on Amazon for less than $20 and they come in a few other colors, so I might be adding them to my closet soon. I love this backpack by Sam Edelman. I pretty much love anything by Sam Edelman. We are long out of the “diaper bag” stage, but I still have two kids under five years old and that means I sometimes need stuff. Quick trips don’t require much and I can just grab my purse, but day trips, like the zoo or Christmas train rides, require me to bring wipes, blankets, snacks, etc. I also need both hands, because, well…two kids under five. This back pack would be a cute solution to this problem.

Free People Kolby Brished Scarf, Nordstrom- $48                                          North Face Aconcagua Down Vest, Nordstrom- $99

This scarf!! Man, does it look cozy and warm! It comes in a bunch of gorgeous colors, but I would choose this light grey or the camel color. A neutral color would go with a ton of things already in your closet and would ensure that you wear it for many years to come, making the almost $50 investment for a scarf, easier to handle. This North Face vest is a good investment piece also. It comes in several neutral colors. You can wear it with work out gear or over your favorite flannel or tee. Stylish and warm, what more can you ask for? I love this greenish?, taupe? color, but I also like the black and the navy. Tough decision!

Hunter Original High Gloss Boots, Nordstrom- $150                                           Sam Edelman Penny Boots, Nordstrom, $150

I’ve wanted a pair of Hunter Rain Boots for a while now, but I’ve always had two problems. 1. Am I really ready to pay $150 for what is essentially a pair of rubber boots? 2. What color do I choose? I love these high gloss red ones. They would be so much fun on a rainy day! But, like I talked about earlier, if I buy an investment piece, I usually try to pick a neutral color, so it goes with a lot of things and I don’t get tired of it. Still thinking on those… I am also very much in LOVE with these Sam Edelman Boots. The color is PERFECT!! I invested last winter in a really nice pair of  Frye Melissa boots in black and I think I may have to invest in this one very soon. The color is called Whiskey- uh, so gorgeous I can’t stand it!

Frye Harness Leahter Bucket Bag, Nordstrom Rack- $199.97.                    Antelope Slit Leather Boot, Nordstrom Rack, $119

In case you were dying to know, this color leather speaks to me! Whiskey, rust, cognac, whatever you want to call it, I LOVE IT!! It literally goes with everything. Everything! I love it with black, burgundy, orange, olive, you know any and every fall color you can think of. This Frye bucket bag would be great to add to my collection of bags. It can be worn crossbody and is easy to reach into to grab what you need. And it would go great with these Antelope slit booties. How cute would these babies be with a dress or cropped jeans! Oh, a girl can dream and dream and dream…..



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