Trending, but Not For Me…Maybe???


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. The time has just slipped away  while we were trick-or-treating, having birthdays and battling the flu. Uh!! Once October hits, I feel like I need to just hang on for the ride. It goes so fast, but I am ready for Thanksgiving and all the fun that comes with it. You know, food, shopping, food, Clemson/Carolina game, and food.

Today I wanted to talk about a trend that I’m seeing everywhere but first I wanted to give a disclaimer. I do not want to offend anyone in this post. My opinion is geared towards my style and as someone who likes fashion, I can appreciate when people look cute in things that I feel are hideous on me and/or may not be my taste. Got your curiousity up? Good! Now let’s talk about this LulaRoe epidemic.

So months and months ago (I have no idea when it actually was), after hearing about and seeing this stuff everywhere, I was finally invited to a trunk show. Curiosity got the best of me and I had to go. I walked around and checked it out and I must confess, I didn’t get it. Women around me were circling in a frenzy and grabbing like it was Black Friday and all the boots at Belk were $19. (PS- this Friday a ton of boots ARE $19 at Belk!) But, the patterns on these clothes were crazy, loud, and dare I say it….just ugly. Yes, I said it! You can hate me later, but for now, hear me out. I finally picked up one of the few pairs of plain colored, one-sized leggings. By the way, apparently these one-sized leggings will fit a size 2 and every size along the way up to a 10 or 12. What?!? How is that possible?!? I’m still not sure on that one, but my friend that invited me insisted that I HAD to try them on. Off I went to the bathroom with a pair of lavender leggings… yes, lavender. It was really my best option. This is the part of the story where I got totally confused because these darn leggings are THE SOFTEST things I’ve ever put on! I walked around with them for a while trying to find a top to wear with them, but I couldn’t get down with any of the patterns. Eventually I purchased these lavender leggings and wondered the whole way home what in the heck I was going to do with them.  I even carried them around in my purse for a few days and made my co-workers try them on.

Since then, I’ve been wearing those leggings around the house and secretly trolling LulaRoe Facebook pages late at night hoping to find a pair of leggings I could actually wear outside my house. I mean, where are the black, navy, or maroon leggings?!? I’ll tell you where they are. They’re all listed on eBay for, like, $100 and labeled as “unicorns”! What? Come on LulaRoe! I love a great pair of pants with a pattern, but I can’t get down with these crazy leggings. What’s a girl got to do to get a pair of plain black leggings?!? I really want to like these things despite my better judgement. I see other people wearing them and they look cute, but then I think, would Jackie O. be caught dead in LulaRoe? Probably not.  Do you see Reese Witherspoon walking around in them? Nope.

So, after all the secret late night trolling, I finally found a pair of black with gold feathers and I decided to give them a try. I mean, they’re mostly black, so I figured I could work with them. I bought them and have been looking at them for like a month wondering if Im going to actually wear them. Then today was one of those days. You know the kind. It’s Monday, a short work week, so I already didn’t have a ton of “care what I look like” in me. Add to that the three desserts I had yesterday and well, today I decided to give them a try. I paired them with a black swing dress from Old Navy and tied it in a knot to one side, to give it a little bit of something-something. I added my black Frye knee boots and a black moto jacket from Target to give it a little edge. I also wore a feather necklace I got in a Stitch Fix and my favorite Stella & Dot Wisten Feather Earrings. The look was ok, I was comfy all day, but I’m still not sure this is “me”.

Final decision is that I will probably continue to secretly stalk the LulaRoe Facebook pages that I’ve “liked” and odds are I’ll end up buying something else. (Mostly because I’m a shopaholic) Hey, even if Reese doesn’t wear them, this 39 year old, mom of 3, just wants to wear something super soft and comfy from time to time…even if it is ugly! 😉



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