Christmas OCD

Today is the day we get our Christmas tree every year. The children have tried to make me feel bad all week for being the ONLY people without a tree. We wait until this weekend for two reasons. One, we are usually out of town for Thanksgiving and two, we get a live tree and I prefer it not be dead Christmas morning.


Getting and decorating the Christmas tree can be a little stressful. For some people putting lights on the tree is their biggest headache, but for me, and many other mamas out their, it’s letting the children decorate the tree. I can handle the lights, I can handle the constant questions and the little hands wanting to grab at decorations. But watching them put ornaments on the tree drives me nuts!! I breathe in and out and hand them the ornaments and try desperately to not look at the spots on the tree that have ten ornaments in one small place or the large places at top that have absolutely nothing. I fight the urge to snatch the decorations right out of their hands and place them where I want them. I want them evenly spaced! I want them somewhat color coordinated! I want them actually on a branch and not just hanging on by a prayer, waiting for a small gust of wind to come by and knock them to the floor!! But, I keep my OCD in check every year. Watching just how happy they are makes it tolerable. They love picking out all the ornaments they’ve made through out the years and hanging it on “their side” of the tree. Plus, I know that when they go to bed, I’ll rearrange it the way I want.


I’ve also been looking for a tree topper for years. I just couldn’t find something that didn’t cost a fortune and looked like it belonged on our tree. I finally found one!  I hope I love it as much as I think I will when it arrives in a few days. I found it online at Target and it’s by Hearth and Hand by Joanna Gaines.


I also grabbed this little cutie by Joanna’s line while I was Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping. It came in already and is SO adorable!! Im not exactly sure where the boys placed it on the tree. I’ll have to find it later….





One thought on “Christmas OCD”

  1. I love the topper and need it too!!! I have the OCD too and this year I actually didn’t even move any ornaments. I was proud of myself!


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