Kicking Off the New Year!

Happy New Year! I’m a little late writing my New Year’s post, but I’ve been under a blanket trying to keep warm for most of this week. What a brutal start to a new year! The temperature hasn’t gotten higher than the mid 30’s this week, my kid still needs dental work after paying mega bucks in December, there is a strange light that keeps coming on in my car that I’m guessing a mechanic should look at (not just me, the manual and google), and the washing machine leaves a puddle every time we run it for the past few weeks. I would play the lottery, but I’m currently too broke to buy a ticket. However, I woke up this morning, my family is healthy, and we have a warm place to call home, so I refuse to sweat the small stuff. (I’ll just complain about it on my blog. Ha!)
Most of the blogs that I read have already wrapped up 2017 and explained how they changed and what they are looking forward to in 2018. Most of them asked their readers what they wanted to see more of this year. Well, as far as this blog is concerned, I have no idea where it’s going or what my goals are. I’m definitely not going to ask you what you want to see more of this year for fear that no one would answer me and I would feel like a big blogging failure. I just enjoy writing about family, fashion and home decorating and I hope that it may inspire someone out there. So for now, it’s going to remain a little hobby that I do when I can and when inspiration strikes. I do have some pretty big personal mile stones in 2018. This will be the year that I turn the big 4-0…..I have to pause for a minute and just let that soak in. Frankly, I have no idea how I got here! Wasn’t I just in my 20’s a couple of years ago??? I guess when you spend most of your 30’s having babies it’s just all a big blur. This will also be the year that I (hopefully) graduate with a degree in Elementary Education after student teaching this fall. And what will probably make me shed the most tears this year, is that my sweet Samuel will start school in the fall. I can handle 40 and I can handle insecurities about being in the classroom, but the thought of watching my baby walk down the hall at school and into a 4K classroom, makes me want to ball my eyes out. For real! I’m having heart palpitations right now, just thinking about it. He’s just a little bit spoiled rotten.
Enough reflection for now, let’s talk SALES!! And right now, Loft is having a big one. All sale items are 60% off with no code needed. Ya’ll, I love Loft. It has some really great pieces that are work wear appropriate but also look great with jeans on the weekend. It can sometimes be difficult to find clothes that aren’t too young looking or too old looking, especially when it comes to work wear. I have put together two looks for you with a couple of items I purchased back in December and you can get them a lot cheaper than I did! When I checked this morning, there were still a few sizes left in each of them, but if not there are so many other great things still up for grabs.

I love a fair isle sweater and this one in lemon yellow can brighten a dreary winter day. Sale price is $27.
I kept my jewelry simple with this adorable sweater and these Stella & Dot Luxe Sparkle Studs in blue (but they’re more of a lavender) $24.
I’m a complete sucker for a simple white blouse and jeans and I couldn’t pass this one up!! It’s called the Vintage Romance Blouse and the sale price is $23.
This is the sweetest shirt! Just look at the details!! And it looks great with these Stella & Dot Pave’ Arabesque Earrings. $59

I picked up this Seamed Long Sleeve Tee today in both of these colors. I think they will be great spring colors, will look amazing with some of the new Stella & Dot spring line (coming out tomorrow!!!) and for $11.95 a piece, why would I not grab them both?!?

Where to Shop

Sweater and Blouse:

All jewelry:

One thought on “Kicking Off the New Year!”

  1. Just so you know that you aren’t a “big blogging failure”, I look forward to your posts and still want to hire you as my personal shopper when I’m rich one day!

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