A Green Saturday

What a crazy week we had! We had the excitement of getting a little snow, then the disappointment of getting some but it not sticking. Then when we had almost given up hope, we got a little more snow and it stuck! The boys had a good time playing in the light dusting we got, like true southern kids that rarely see snow.

Today all signs of snow are gone. It’s a beautiful sunny weekend day and I am ready for spring. I know I have a month or two before that actually happens, so I decided to add a little green to the house. This is easy to do and can give you a little happiness until the days are warmer.

I started with some little planters that I recently got from a friend (thanks, Jill!) You can find little planters like these for a few dollars at yard sales or around $10-$20 at antique stores. I already have some stashed around the house to hold random things like wine corks or vacation seashells. You can also grab some tiny pots at the store or use old things around the house, like an old coffee cup. Get creative!

Aren’t they cute?

Next, make a visit to any gardening center and pick up some small plants. I grabbed these from Wal-Mart and they were $3-$4 a piece.


I added a few rocks to the bottom of each planter for drainage when watering since the planters don’t have drainage holes. Then,  some potting soil and the plants.


Instant spring green in the middle of winter. Now, if I can just manage to keep these babies alive…. Happy Saturday!!



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