Three Things I’ve Learned About Hair: Lesson 2

IMG_0283Welcome back! This is the second blog in a series of hair lessons that I have learned  over the years. Now, you may be thinking what does she know about hair? Let me tell you, I’m no expert. But, I have spent 39 years with some difficult hair. I just want others to not make the same mistakes I’ve made. I’ve survived the Big Bang/choke on hairspray stage in the late 80’s-early 90’s, the spiral perm stage of the same time period, the “Rachel” in the mid-90’s (mine did NOT look like hers), and the Dharma/Faith Hill short hair from the late 90’s/early 2000’s. That one was actually really cute, but growing it out, not so much.

Hair Ghost of the past!

I’ve dyed my hair myself and had to suck it up and go to my stylist with my tail tucked for her to fix the orange mess I made. I’ve gone to the mall for a quick trim when my stylist didn’t have time and left in tears with a free haircut because it was SO bad. Extra side lesson: NEVER GO TO THE MALL TO GET YOUR HAIR DONE!!! And now, lesson two:

2- Expensive products aren’t always better, but often times they are well worth the money. My hair is such a pain to wash and dry that I have always hated having to style it after all that, so often times throughout my life, my hair has been a large frizzy mess! I’ve also never been into super polished hair. I’ve always liked it a little unkept but still pretty. (Think Gisele Bundchen or Blake Lively in Gossip Girl. Perfectly unkept hair.)

Still in search of the key to perfectly tousled, low maintenance, beautiful hair… 

The thing is I just wanted my hair to magically look like that without putting any effort into it. A little over a year ago, I started experimenting. I finally came to the conclusion that maybe I needed to up my game. Products have never been my thing because in the past I would go to CVS or Walgreens, grab something to try and end up with crunchy, limp or nasty hair. But, products have come a long way over the years. Tons of products come in travel sizes and it’s a great way to try new stuff without the commitment. I was constantly hitting up the travel products at the drug store, Target and Ulta. By doing this I discovered a few things.

IMG_0281 There are shampoos and conditioners for every type of hair! I started trying different types to manage frizz. (My main problem) I found some drug store shampoos that work pretty well, like L’Oréal Nutri-Gloss High Shine but my favorite is Redken Frizz Dismiss. It cost more than I had ever paid for shampoo and conditioner but it has been worth it. I buy the large pump bottles from Ulta when they go on sale for buy one, get one 1/2 off. And since I get the big bottles, I only have to buy a few times a year. I also discovered that my hair really needs a serum or oil to help tame the frizz. I run some through my hair while it’s wet and then more on the ends once it’s dry.  I like the serum by Garnier Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum for a less expensive drugstore option but my favorite is Hydrating Styling Cream by Moroccan Oil. Once again, more expensive, but worth it. And my absolute, hands down favorite upgrade is my T3 Featherweight Hair dryer. Trust me when I tell you that all hair dryers are NOT the same. I spent a good year playing with this dryer every time I went in Ulta but the price was crazy!! Who pays $200 for a hair dryer? But the reviews were amazing and it’s better for your hair (it doesn’t just blow hot air directly at your hair) and it cut drying time in half. Last March, I woke up in the middle of the night, flipped the tv to QVC for some random reason and there it was! My dream dryer on sale for $150 with 6 easy pays! It was just after my birthday, so I pulled the trigger as a gift to myself. Y’all, BEST PURCHASE EVER!!! Seriously!! You may be reading this and thinking I’m out of my mind, and I’m telling you that I will bring this dryer over for you to try. It cut my drying time in half!! My hair is smoother and straighter, even if I don’t use a serum and round brush. It feels lighter after I’ve dryed it. I even took it to my stylist to try on my hair just to make sure I wasn’t crazy. She agreed it was faster to dry and my hair was lighter and smoother. I’ve been letting my hair grow out and every time I have tried this in the past, I always given up and cut it because it’s just too unmanageable, but not anymore!!  Between my upgraded products and this dryer, it’s a totally new ball game. Don’t be afraid to try new products. Do some research. Read reviews. Find what works for you, even if it cost a little more. You might find it’s worth the extra money!

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