Easter Dress Shopping

As a little girl, the worst part of any weekend was getting ready for church. And no Sunday was as excruciating as Easter Sunday! I was not a fan of dresses when I was little, but Easter dresses were always extra itchy and uncomfortable. (Must have been all the lace in the 80’s) Even the little socks I had to wear had lace on them. Fast forward a few years and now I love buying an Easter dress. I feel like it’s the one Sunday where our family needs to (at least try) look like we have it together. You know, every boy is wearing pretty plaid and actually has matching socks!

I have not purchased a dress yet and have been hunting online this weekend. I’ve come up with a few options.

I love this one from Love…Ady on Nordstrom Rack. It just screams Easter dress. Less than $50.
Loving the stripes on this one by Lush and it looks so comfy. It’s at Nordstrom for $55.
Love the light grey color and the cut out detail of the Doe & Rae at Nordstrom Rack. $36
I feel like I need this Max Studio dot dress in my closet, even if it’s not my Easter dress. Nordstrom Rack, $46
And then there is this! I am in LOVE with this J. Crew jumpsuit and since we are spending Easter on the coast, it would be perfection!! Only drawback is that it’s outside my budget….$148

I want to hear from ya’ll! Which one is your favorite and do you still buy an Easter dress?





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