Essential Oils-Yes or No?


Essential oils are everywhere right now. Are they a trend or something here to stat? I attended a party a few years ago, was totally skeptical and didn’t buy a thing. Eventually, I did buy a diffuser and some peppermint oil. I would turn it on every now and then, but that was about all I did with it for a year or so. Fast forward and now I’m using oils for all kinds of things. We have diffusers all over the house and I’m learning more all the time. My hubby calls my “voodoo witch craft”. He clearly is not on board.

I’m no expert, by any means but here are a few things I use my oils for regularly.

-I diffuse to make the house smell better. I like oils better than candles now and rarely buy them (candles) any more. Oils are cleaner. You don’t have to wonder about the chemicals burning from the candle. My favorite to just diffuse is peppermint and lemon. Sometimes I add in another citrus for fun.

-I diffuse a “cleaning” oil to get rid of smells in the house. I love frying bacon for my family on Sunday mornings, but I hate the way the house smells all day after. This oil helps get rid of it faster.

-I diffuse to lift or change the kids, mine, or my husbands mood. Citrus/peppermint to wake us up and get us alert. Lavender to calm the boys down at the end of the day.

– I swear by peppermint and eucalyptus by the boys bed if they are sick. This will stop their coughing 90% of the time and I don’t have to give them cough syrup. It also helps with a stuffy nose.

-I make my own cleaning solutions. I use recipes from one of my favorite bloggers and authors, A Bowl Full of Lemons. One of my favorites is so easy. I put baking soda in a mason jar with a few drops of peppermint oil. Stir it up and punch wholes in the top and you have the best carpet/rug freshener without chemicals.

-I put a few drops of lavender in a bath with epsom salt and baking soda for a relaxing bath that helps pull out toxins from your body.

-I diffuse an oil called “good sleep” in the boys rooms at night to help them relax and fall asleep.

I really want to learn more about using oils topically. You can roll them in for stress, alertness, and relaxation. You can use them for skin care. Oh, and PS, if you have a headache, diffuse peppermint oil and it will totally feel better. I’ve also yet to find a brand that I’m completely loyal too. I use a little bit of this and that. I’ve been researching Young Living and like the company, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Are any of you into oils? Do you have a brand you love? Or, are you like my husband and think it’s a bunch of craziness?? (I promise you won’t hurt my feelings.) : )







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