Safer Skin Care


For years now I’ve been buying safe cleaning products. Since having kids , it just made me feel better to use products that were free of harsh chemicals. Especially when the boys were little and would lick the front door glass and the bathtub. (Ok, they probably still do these things…Boys.) I buy organic fruits and veggies about 75% of the time. I thought I was doing great. That is until about two months ago. I came across a website called It stands for Environmental Working Group. They have tons of articles on all types of scary things but what I like is the fact that you can scan (from their app) or type in a product or the ingredients  and it will tell you just how safe it really is. It’s great but it also caused me to have a massive freak out moment. I started scanning all my beauty and makeup products and the results weren’t good. I had never really gave much thought about myself and all of the things I put on my skin every day. My skin!! The largest organ of my body!! Soaking up potentially hazardous chemicals on a daily basis!! I seriously came close to having an anxiety attack. I can’t afford to replace everything, but I didn’t want to keep putting harmful, cancer causing products on!! What was I going to do?!?!? After a few days, I talked myself off of the ledge. I decided there was no need to freak out, but do some research. There are a lot of products that seem like they are safe, but may not necessarily be. I’ve been using a certain makeup for years. I was under the impression that this particular brand was good as far as chemicals. I started doing some research and even though these products don’t seem to be the worst, they aren’t the best either. According to the website, a good product is ewg certified or its scores a 1-3. My make up products were around a 5-6. (There are some out there that are. 7-9. Yikes!!)

I decided to just replace products as I ran out. I’ve read a lot of great reviews about Beauty Counter. They make safe makeup and skin care products. I think I have decided to give it a try. I recently ran out of my favorite night cream and I’m trying to decide which one of these Beauty Counter ones to try.

All of these have great reviews on Beauty Counter website

I’ve also decided that if I can’t find anything that I like as much as one of my old products, then I’m just going to keep using it (as long as it’s not above a 5 on the ewg website). If you are using safe beauty products let me know what you’re using and why you love it!

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