Choosing A Bedroom Color

Hello, friends!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been on here and I know all of you (like all 5 of you) have been dying with anticipation wondering when I would return. Ha! Let me just start by asking if any of you ever needed a break? You know, like a serious break. Well, I did and I took one this summer. I stopped blogging, I stopped working out, I stopped counting calories, and I stopped doing any sort of planning. We didn’t even take a vaca or trip and it felt GREAT!! I focused (a little) on my school work, read some books and ate a lot of ice cream. Sometimes you just get burned out and I feel much better now. Refreshed and ready to slowly start focusing on some things again, like some house projects.

We have quite a few projects around here that need to be completed first but one thing I have had my eye on is our master bedroom. I’m always dreaming of new ideas, furniture and paint colors, but the other week one of my friends painted a navy accent wall in her bedroom and then my husband randomly said he was ready to paint something and asked about our bedroom. That was all I needed! He had no clue what he had just started! The wheels really began turning but I can’t decide exactly what I want.

Our Bedroom-The color is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.

Our bedroom has been basically the same since we moved in five years ago. We painted it Sea Salt which really is one of the BEST colors at Sherwin Williams. Typically, I’m a total light and white person and always thought I’d redo the bedroom to be all white, but lately I’m thinking about a little more drama.

This is what I’ve always pictured when it was time to paint and give the bedroom a little refresh. I love that everything is a shade of white and the way the wood warms up the space.

One idea I’ve been tossing around is the idea of going a few shades darker of the color we already have. Something greenish-blue to give the room a little more depth.


Love these SW colors, especially Drizzle.

However, I also think that I could easily go really, really dark with an accent wall behind the bed or maybe (dare I say it) even the entire room??

Benjamin Moore Dark Harbor. I am LOVING this color!
Here it is in a bedroom as an accent wall.

Here are a few other dark bedrooms that I love. What do y’all think? Should I go with a medium color like Sherwin Williams Drizzle, accent wall or go for the dramatic all dark?!?





One thought on “Choosing A Bedroom Color”

  1. You know I am a fan of the dramatic all dark! Any one that you choose will be beautiful. Can’t wait to see what you decide. 😍


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