Not so Fun Weekend and a Wish List

This weekend has been a tough one at our house. Three out of five of us have a nasty virus, one of us is fighting off a sinus infection that I’m pretty sure is winning and the last is running around declaring how invisible he is to getting sick (he is destined to go down soon with that kind of attitude). We also woke up yesterday to no water, which is a serious problem when you live in the country and have well water. It was the pump, you know the part that is at the very bottom of the well. Yep, that was fun to get fixed but after many hours, we had water again.

Since Ive had a lot of down time, I’ve been reading and doing one of my favorite ways to kill time…online shopping!! I’ve put together a few things that I would love to see in my closet.

Yellow and Tree PomPom Slide Mules, Amazon- $19.00!                                           Sam Edelman Penelope Quilted Book bag, Nordstrom Rack- $90

Pom Pom shoes are a trend this fall and I like them, because they’re fun. I fell in love with a pair of pink heels with pom poms about a month ago, but couldn’t justify the money on pink shoes. Like any trend, I wouldn’t spend a lot of money on it. Odds are it won’t be “in” next fall and then you’re stuck with them. I found these on Amazon for less than $20 and they come in a few other colors, so I might be adding them to my closet soon. I love this backpack by Sam Edelman. I pretty much love anything by Sam Edelman. We are long out of the “diaper bag” stage, but I still have two kids under five years old and that means I sometimes need stuff. Quick trips don’t require much and I can just grab my purse, but day trips, like the zoo or Christmas train rides, require me to bring wipes, blankets, snacks, etc. I also need both hands, because, well…two kids under five. This back pack would be a cute solution to this problem.

Free People Kolby Brished Scarf, Nordstrom- $48                                          North Face Aconcagua Down Vest, Nordstrom- $99

This scarf!! Man, does it look cozy and warm! It comes in a bunch of gorgeous colors, but I would choose this light grey or the camel color. A neutral color would go with a ton of things already in your closet and would ensure that you wear it for many years to come, making the almost $50 investment for a scarf, easier to handle. This North Face vest is a good investment piece also. It comes in several neutral colors. You can wear it with work out gear or over your favorite flannel or tee. Stylish and warm, what more can you ask for? I love this greenish?, taupe? color, but I also like the black and the navy. Tough decision!

Hunter Original High Gloss Boots, Nordstrom- $150                                           Sam Edelman Penny Boots, Nordstrom, $150

I’ve wanted a pair of Hunter Rain Boots for a while now, but I’ve always had two problems. 1. Am I really ready to pay $150 for what is essentially a pair of rubber boots? 2. What color do I choose? I love these high gloss red ones. They would be so much fun on a rainy day! But, like I talked about earlier, if I buy an investment piece, I usually try to pick a neutral color, so it goes with a lot of things and I don’t get tired of it. Still thinking on those… I am also very much in LOVE with these Sam Edelman Boots. The color is PERFECT!! I invested last winter in a really nice pair of  Frye Melissa boots in black and I think I may have to invest in this one very soon. The color is called Whiskey- uh, so gorgeous I can’t stand it!

Frye Harness Leahter Bucket Bag, Nordstrom Rack- $199.97.                    Antelope Slit Leather Boot, Nordstrom Rack, $119

In case you were dying to know, this color leather speaks to me! Whiskey, rust, cognac, whatever you want to call it, I LOVE IT!! It literally goes with everything. Everything! I love it with black, burgundy, orange, olive, you know any and every fall color you can think of. This Frye bucket bag would be great to add to my collection of bags. It can be worn crossbody and is easy to reach into to grab what you need. And it would go great with these Antelope slit booties. How cute would these babies be with a dress or cropped jeans! Oh, a girl can dream and dream and dream…..



Kimono a Go-Go!

This week was a busy one! I started a new class after taking a two week break. It was SO nice to not have any schoolwork for a few weeks! This week was also my husband and my 14th anniversary. We have not really had a celebration in 10 years, because our oldest monkey was born on our anniversary. We celebrated with family on his birthday and then again with more family this weekend. I spent my entire Saturday working on a cake for him. My mom always made us a cake for our birthday and its a tradition I like to keep with the boys. Sunday morning we went to church and I wore my new kimono, which brings me to my point. If loving a kimono is wrong, then I don’t want to be right!

I have owned a kimono for several years now, but because it is short, I don’t wear it too much. I’ve been on the look out for a long one to take home and love for a while and finally found it at a local boutique. I wore it this morning with a simple black swing dress from Old Navy, and booties. It also goes really great with my Stella & Dot Riva Tassel Earrings in Blush and my bangle stack that my friend at Beckett’s Beads (find her on Etsy at BeckettsBeads) made for me. And I’ll just go ahead and admit, even though I shouldn’t, that I loved this outfit so much,  I promptly took it off after 2 hours of church and hung it up to wear to work tomorrow. That’s right, I’m wearing it again, and I don’t care who knows it!


You can also style it with jeans, a tank or tee and boots for a more laid back look. Wearing a kimono is fun because it can take a basic jeans and tee outfit and instantly make it look pulled together. They are fun, feminine and a little boho (which I love). You can wear one no matter what size you are and they can help cover the belly when you’ve been enjoying too much birthday cake over the weekend.

IMG_6576What about you guys? Do you own a kimono? Are you convinced you need one yet? Loft has all these gorgeous kimonos on their website and tonight they are 40-60% off. Better hurry and go check the out!




Fall Where Are You?

Seriously? The heat this week, gah! It feels like July and makes me wish I were at the pool. They only problem with that is I already started work on my winter body and I’ve been making pretty good progress on that. I would hate to have to go on a diet and undo all my hard work. So, for the sake of my winter body, let’s pretend it feels like fall and look at how a simple black vest can change any outfit.

As you may know, J. Crew is my favorite and I recently purchased a new black vest at J. Crew Factory for half off! I can’t begin to express to you how much I love a vest. I have never been comfy in a jacket or coat,  so it’s probably a good thing I don’t live up north. I just don’t like the bulk and it makes me feel like I can’t move. But a vest, now that’s a different story! With a vest, I get warmth without the bulk. A vest can also give you a lot more outfit options.  I put together a few cute fall outfits and then styled them again with my new vest. This one item of clothing just gave me three new outfit options.


This grey sweater is from Old Navy and less than $20! It is really light weight and is more of a thick tee.
White Peplum top from Nordstrom and come is a ton of colors. $39
The vest gives the outfit a whole new look. Flats are Old Navy and less than $20!
Dress is Old Navy and less than $20 and amazingly comfy. 
All jewelry can be found on my Stella & Dot website

Randomness and a Cute Black Dress

One. Am I the only one that feels completely out of sorts lately? I feel like I’m running in circles and not accomplishing anything. Did the eclipse do this to me? Because I haven’t felt right since then.  I just can’t seem to pull it together. Also, we haven’t gotten in a proper routine since school started. We were out for the eclipse, then for Labor Day, then for Hurricane Irma and while I appreciate the time off, it hasn’t been beneficial to me at all. I am the weird type who can totally handle chaos (hello, three kids!), as long as I have routine or organization of some sort to ground me. Hopefully, I’ll get it together soon…

Two. I have two very important people that help me with my blog. One is my sweet cousin, Caroline, that takes pictures for a living. We’ve been running around with cameras, modeling clothes since the early 90’s. This silliness is nothing new for us. The second is my oldest son. He never complains when I ask him to take a few pictures of my outfit. And he does a good job for a 9 year old! He snapped a few Sunday after church. Sweet boy!

Smart, artistic and handsome!

Three. Can you ever have enough black dresses? I think not! I recently ordered this one from J. Crew at Nordstrom and it is adorable! It has ruffle sleeves and beautiful detailing at the top. What more can you ask for?!? It also comes in a beautiful blue and I was very torn about which to get but went with the black because I thought it would transition to fall better. You can get it in regular or petite and it’s currently on sale!!


Look at that detail! Earrings are Bauble Bar.

One Tunic, Two Ways

I hope you all are having a great weekend.  We certainly have; family time, dinner with sweet friends Friday night, and worshiping God this morning. I’ve eaten way too much, including a very large chunk of a chocolate cake, mostly by myself. Whoops! I have to find that diet and exercise wagon and flag it down, but that’s another post for another day. So….

Last week I received an order of new pretties from Stella & Dot and the Lyla Tunic was one of my picks. It is gorgeous, my friends!! It’s white with gold threaded through and has bell sleeves! I’m a sucker for bell sleeves. I immediately decided to show you guys the versatility of this Tunic. The one thing I love about fashion is that it can instantly transform you into whoever you feel like being that day. Sometimes I feel like putting on my pearls and some Lilly and being a total southern belle, other days I want nothing more than my J.Crew stripes and preppy clothes and then some days I love flared jeans, a flowy top and braids in my hair. Clothes can show people who you are and I’m a little bit of all those rolled into one!

I first styled the Lyla with my olive skinny pants, J. Crew suede flats and a structured Michael Kors bag for work. The look is casual workplace and comfortable. It’s also the perfect teacher look!


The second way I styled it was with a great old pair of flared jeans, stacked heels, round glasses and braided hair. This look, I would wear on the weekend for a very casual night out. It’s boho at its best and the hippie chick in me LOVES it!!


You can easily wear this with your favorite pair of skinny jeans and a great pair of pumps for a date night. The possibilities are endless with a great white tunic like this one. You can shop for the Tunic and all of the jewelry I’m wearing on my website or get it for free by hosting a trunk show where I bring a pop up shop to you and your friends. I can also do facebook shows, if you don’t live close. Email me for inquiries.



Fall Transitioning 2

The slightly cooler temps have lasted through the week and with this weekend being the official end of summer, I’m ready for fall! The pumpkin scented candle is burning at our house. I’ve rounded up my fall instagram outfits this week and tagged some similar options.

I started the week with a great sleeveless sweater from Loft. I love sleeveless sweaters this time of year. You can wear them with jeans, shorts or dress pants to work. They give you the cozy feel without the extra warmth.

This exact sweater is on sale right now for $23 at

I think an olive or army green jacket is a MUST have item for fall and spring. They go with practically everything! I wore mine this week with some stripes and skinny moto pants and also with jeans, J.Crew sweater and my New Balance’s.

My jacket is a few years old but shop a similar one at


Another great item to have for fall transition is a suede bag. Something about suede just makes me happy. Especially blue suede!! I recently purchased a new light blue suede Ugg tote from Nordstrom Rack and I love it!!! It has sold out in this color but there is another great neutral color left.

I love a tote that carries all my goodies!
The 3 bags on the left are all from Nordstrom Rack and are all $100 or less. (That blue at the top!!! ) The 2 on the right are from Stella & Dot and you can shop them at


Transitioning from Summer to Fall

Transitioning from Summer to Fall


Even though the temperatures are still blazing hot in South Carolina, fall is right around the corner. Fall in the south can be tricky, the mornings start off cool and by the afternoon it feels like summer again, so making the transition in your wardrobe can be tricky. I like to find pieces that you can layer and are fall colors to give me the feel of the season but accommodate the heat. One of my favorites is a black and white gingham dress. I found one last year on the clearance rack at Old Navy for around $10 and I love it. I like to wear it with my converse for a fun, sporty look (and to keep up with my monkeys). When it starts to get a little cooler, I like to pair it with a denim jacket and my black riding boots. You can also wear it with now with a great pair of sandals or flats. I have linked some other great options that I found for under $20!

Dress- Old Navy last year, Sunglasses- Quay Australia, Earrings- Stella & Dot Hammered Hoops in Small-Silver, Necklace- Stella &Dot Engravable Disc in Silver


Check out the bell sleeves on this one!! $14~
Fun Sleeves and Back $18~
Off the Shoulder $15~

Studded Boots!

Styling Studded Boots

Top Shop from Nordstrom Rack $32!

I know what you’re thinking. You are thinking one of two things. 1. I would never be caught dead in those things! Or 2. I like those, but I could never wear them. I’m here to tell you that if you are in the latter category, yes, you can wear them! And I’m going to tell you how.  When I first saw these I thought “How cute! But I am definitely not cool enough to pull them off.” I stalked them online for a week or two and I couldn’t forget them.  They were only $32!! So I thought, if I’m going to do it (wear studded Boots), now is the time. And I LOVE them!! I’ve styled them a few different ways to show you how you can make them work for you.  For me, the key to wearing something wild, loud, or very fashion forward is to pair it with some simple pieces. So, here you go…. PS- sorry for the bad lighting in these pics but it was cloudy.

Here I styled them with a burn out tee from Allen Allen (Nordstrom Rack $19) and Kut from the Keith Jeans (Nordstrom on sale $59)
Essential Fringe Necklace and ring both available at my Stella & Dot

Another fun way to wear these is to cross their cool factor with a little preppy.

Here I paired them with black shorts from Banana Republic (old) and a sleeveless turtleneck from GAP (old).
Waverly Petite Clutch in slate. So versatile! Can be clutch, crossbody or open up for a larger cross body. My Stella & Dot.
Helai  Chandeliers – Gorgeous!! My Stella & Dot

Lastly, for those of you who are already super confident in your cool girl status, I styled these boots with cut off denim and my favorite rock-n-roll tee.

Cut offs- homemade 😜 Tee-best rock band ever! ❤️Hat- Target clearance (all old)

Most sizes still available at Nordstrom Rack in all three colors!

These babies come in Black!!
And I’m pink!!

Happy Shopping!



Clear the Rack!

TGIF!! In case you don’t know, Nordstrom Rack is  a great website to find high end department store brands at cheaper prices. Right now they are having their Clear the Rack event where you can get incredible deals on some amazing things. Things are going crazy fast but I’ve rounded up some of my favs that are still in stock (at this moment, anyway).

Tops Under $25 -Beachlunchlounge Tia Tassel (adorable pineapple print!) $16, Max Studio Crochet Blouse $17, Ro & De Striped One Shoulder $14, Vanity Room Off the Shoulder tee $13, Bobeau Lace Bell Sleeve $15, Pleione Denim Embroidered $22,  Laundry by Shelli Segal Striped Cold Shoulder $23, Ro & De Ruffle Blouse $18
Bottoms Under $25 – Both Jeans Articles of Society $22 and $18, 1. State Wide Leg Pants $21
Bags and Shoes- Ugg Suede Tote $78 (Normally $295!!), Straw Studio Stripe Tote $21 (Normally $109), Dolce Vita Bootie $45, Abound Kiley Flat $27, Sam Edelman Sandal $20, Michael Kors Mule $42, Halogen Sandal $25, Michael Kors Mule in black $42

–Happy Shopping!!

FYI-This blog brought to you from the CVS Minute Clinic while we check on a possible ear infection for #2.




The Basic White Tee

The Basic White Tee

I feel like I’ve been in search of the perfect  white tee shirt for most of my life. They are either too thick, too thin, too tight, too boxy….you get the picture. Well, I may have finally found the best one yet at the Nordstrom sale this week. It’s by Caslon, is on sale for $18, comes in regular and petite and 19 colors!!

I decided to style it several different ways to show you the versatility of a white tee and why finding the perfect one is SO important. Disclaimer: Some pictures may be a little blurry. I had to use the only photographer in the house- my oldest monkey!

Basic White Tee under a blazer or jacket is the perfect laid back office look. Jacket is old and from Loft. Also wearing the Signature Engravable Disc – Silver from my Stella & Dot.


Also work appropriate- Basic White Tee with a black pencil skirt. Accessories are a cute structured  Kate Spade bag, fun calf hair flats from J.Crew Factory, and the Stella & Dot Sutton Mixed Metal Neckalce from my Stella & Dot
Relaxed Weekend Look- Basic White Tee, denim cut offs. Accessories: dv flats-Target (clearance for $8!!), Simple Knot Cuff-my Stella & Dot site, Helsinki Wrap Bracelet (worn as a necklace)- my Stella & Dot, Sunnies- Quay Australia


Low Key Date Night or Dinner with Friends- Basic Tee, Pleated Striped shorts(old) J. Crew Factory. Accessories: Shoes- Nordstrom Rack, Aven Layering Neckalce, Quinn Cuff in Gold, Ellie Hobo- all my Stella & Dot