My July Finds- On Sale!

Tomorrow starts early access to the BIG Nordstrom sale and everyone is losing their minds in the fashion blog world.  I have to admit, I’m pretty excited to see what all is on sale, but I don’t have anything on my wishlist that I just have to have. There is another sale going on today at my favorite store- J.Crew and J.Crew Factory!! I have been a J.Crew fan since before internet (showing  my age, much). In high school, I had to wait for the catalog to come in the mail, dog ear my “wishlist” items, save my money, and then call the company to order. Crazy, right? Heck, I even worked at J.Crew Factory for a while when Jus and I were first married. The monotony of folding and folding and folding was all worth it when a new shipment came in and I got to try on everything before it ever hit the store floor. Oh, and did I mention the discount? I basically worked for clothes, but it was so much fun!

I try to stick to a monthly clothing budget and yes, I realize to some people, that sounds crazy. You buy clothes every month?!? Yes, I do! I love clothes, what can I say? And this month, almost all of my budget was blown at J.Crew Factory. There was just too much cuteness. I wanted to share all my finds with you because I checked today and every one of them is on clearance with an extra 50% off! So here are the things I couldn’t live without this month.

This Mixed Stripe Teddie Sweater was just too cute to not grab! It’s light weight and perfect to wear with some shorts on a summer night and its going to look great with jeans come this fall. And it looked amazing with this vintage VW Bug that I keep asking my hubby for, but so far he keeps saying “no”.


I styled it with my white denim shorts from J.Crew (shocker, I know!) and my converse. Jewelry is Stella & Dot from my site
I showed you guys this cutie last week and it is such a little nugget of sunshine! And its now $23!!
Last week, I styled it with jeans and my converse. Jewelry is Stella & Dot and the bag is a retired piece from Stella & Dot, but one of my all time favorites!!
This light weight tank has navy and white stripes and is $15!!! It’s so comfy and perfect for summer.
Here I styled it with my favorite pair of wide leg jeans, the Rebel Pendant and Taj clutch from Stella & Dot (both found on my site). Just add some wedges for laid back, yet put together perfection!
This cutie I purchased last year from J.Crew, but I wanted to share it with you because there is a similar dress and skirt on clearance right now at J.Crew Factory. Since the dress is so colorful, I try to keep the styling easy with a simple flat or casual wedge and small jewelry.
Similar dress at J. Crew Factory- $35
Similar skirt at J.Crew Factory- $23

Happy Shopping!!!



Swimsuits under $40 (Mom approved!)

I got this one at Target. It’s Merona and it’s $35 and it is such a pretty color! The best part is middle hides the tummy!
You can always count on Old Navy! I have not tried this cutie, but I LOVE the one shoulder ruffle. This one is $39.94 but has extra savings at checkout today.
This is another Old Navy find. I love the cut out and you can’t go wrong in basic black. This one is $42.94, but has extra savings today at checkout, putting it under $40.
This was my first time checking out Lands End and I am pretty pleased. I got this a few weeks ago and I love how pretty, yet sporty it is with the cut of the top. There are similar styles still online and on sale! Both will come in right at $40.


Lands End also has this adorable swing top on sale for $23!! I love the color and the racerback. It also comes is regular and plus size.
You can also get these bottoms to go with the top. They are $18 and come in regular and plus size with the option of tummy control or not. The top and bottom will put you at $41, but it was too good not to share!
Don’t forget your accessories!! This hat is another Target find and was less than $20. Also, I LOVE this Stella & Dot bag for the beach or pool. It hold your phone, keys, chapstick and other little things that you have to keep up with.


T.G.I.F.!!!! I don’t know about y’all, but even though I had a short week, I am ready for the weekend. I’m a little strange in the fact that I can deal with chaos (3 boys, remember?) but I feel best when I am on a schedule. I guess we can call that organized chaos. On Friday’s during the summer, the monkeys and I head to the pool. That got me thinking about suits and how difficult it is to find one that is cute, covers, and doesn’t cost a ton of money. So, I rounded up a few for you guys and guess what? They are all under $40!!

Mellow Yellow


Top and Jeans: J.Crew Factory, Shoes: Converse, Bracelets: My Stella & Dot, Bag: Retired Stella & Dot.


They say yellow evokes feelings of happiness, optimism and energy. Well, that must explain all the yellow I’ve been buying lately. I’ve never been a huge yellow fan but it seems to be having a moment right now and apparently, I have jumped on that fashion train. And yes, it does make me happy. I mean, it’s the color of  sunshine! I was in a great mood all day and I’m sure it had nothing to do with the my extra long weekend or getting my hair done. It had to be the yellow! I think the key to wearing yellow is to find a shade that works for you. I can’t do light or muted yellow. With my blonde hair and fair skin it washes me out. I look best in bright, saturated colors. Oh, and I would never try and pull this color off in winter. A slight tan is a definite! What do y’all think? Are you willing to give yellow a try?


Monday Mom Style

Happy Monday!! You know what can make Monday better? 40% off at Loft!! The skirt I wore today is a great Loft find. I saw it online a few weeks ago and loved


it but decided it would look terrible on my short frame. Then I saw one of my favorite bloggers wearing it and it was AMAZING!!! You do need to size down and it does come in petite. It can be worn with a white or black tank top for a night out or chambray button down for the office. You could even rock a bold colored top of you really wanted to make a statement. I paired mine with chambray for work today along with my favorite turquoise jewelry pieces, my trusty Cork wedges and my new Stella & Dot Ellie hobo bag. I have put together some other really cute skirt options for you guys from Loft that would look great with a basic tee or tank. Enjoy!



Slap Me, Please!

Those are the words I told my co-workers last week. “Next week, If you see me with M&M’s, donuts, or anything that is bad for me, slap it right out of my hands.”  Like some of you, I struggle with eating health and exercising.  Oh, I give it a good try, succeed for a few weeks and then give up.  I get sidetracked by a crazy week, a sick child, a trip out-of-town, or just anything out of my normal routine.  Then I am right back to where I started. So, since I am procrastinating my homework this weekend and starting a blog, I thought the first think I should put out there is this plan.  For the next six weeks, I will eat healthy and exercise.  Why six weeks, you ask?  Well, because I am pretty sure that I read somewhere that it takes 6-8 weeks to form a habit. (Or I completely just made that up.)  And, that is also when the circus and I are headed on vacation.

The plan is to exercise five days a week by walking/jogging, 21 day fix dvd or Piyo dvd.  PS-If you need to borrow an exercise dvd, odds are, I own it, so just ask. : )  I will eat by using the 80/20 rule, cutting out most sugar and bad carbs. For those of you that may not know, the 80/20 rule is a great one to try and live by.  You eat clean and healthy for about 80% of the time and cut yourself some slack for about 20% of the time.  I am NOT a cook, so I will mostly be asking my sweet husband to grill some lean meat for dinner and I’ll be stocking up on some fresh summer veggies.  If you know of any tasty and easy recipes, let me know. I’d love to try them.  My end goal is to tone, slim the baby belly pooch, and feel just better.  I don’t know about you all, but I am sick and tired of being tired, having no energy, being moody, and fighting my dull, broken out skin. I know all of these issues are caused by my eating habits and it’s up to me to change it. So, here goes nothing!

One more thing, I have ordered Plexus and will be adding it when it arrives. I know, I know, EVERYONE is selling Plexus these days.  Let me be the first to say that I’m skeptical, but I am giving it a try and will let you know about my results.  I hope some of you will follow along on this journey with me and help hold me accountable. Lord knows I need it!!